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Small Business Loans (SBAs)

Your Business is Our Priority. At Brighton Bank, we have a variety of SBA programs designed to meet the unique needs of your business. With longer terms and lower down payment requirements than non-SBA programs, these loans offer many advantages for business owners looking to obtain financing.

SBA 7a

Features financing for numerous business needs, including the purchase of land or buildings, expansion of existing facilities, equipment purchases, business-occupied real-estate purchases, business acquisition, etc.

SBA Express Loan

Offers streamlined and expedited loan procedures. To meet seasonal financing needs, you may opt to have your express loan as a revolving line of credit. The express loan can be used to cover most business expenses, including start-up costs, inventory, etc.

504 Program

Provides small busineses with long tern, fixed-rate financing. Proceeds from these loans must be used for fixed-asset projects, such as the purchase of land, construction of new facilities, the purchase of improvements, business-occupied real-estate purchases, etc.

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Utah Small Business Administration Website

Information, guidance and support for your small business.

Upcoming SBA Webinars


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