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Major Car, Inc.

Owner: Sunny Mavaddat

Serving Salt Lake for 28 years!

Since 1991, customers have counted on Major Car, Inc. for an expansive selection of used cars and a straightforward buying experience. Major Car, Inc. focuses on offering great vehicles at affordable prices. As a local company, Major Car, Inc. focuses on reducing any overhead costs to maximize savings for their customers, keeping them competitive in the Utah market.

Sunny Mavaddat and the rest of the Major Car staff strive to meet all of their customers’ expectations with an honest, reliable business. Their top priority is to an enjoyable and expedited buying experience that customers will feel great about.  At Major Car, Inc., the purchase of a new vehicle is not an all day ordeal. They refer to themselves as the “Home of the Smartest Bargain Shoppers,” because they know their honest, low prices will attract customers looking for the best deal.

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Major Car, Inc.

(801) 288-9405

4080 South State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84107

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